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Some kaveman history - where it all began

kaveman’s journey into vaping began in 2009. It’ll started with a ‘cig a like’ as kaveman wanted to quit conventional smoking. After various brands, product types and failed attempts it didn’t seem like he would find the right solution for him.

Fast forward to February 2015. kaveman’s day job in web and graphics design meant he frequently met new businesses who were looking for new ideas and effective web design to promote their products. One of his clients imported these cig a like devices and also at that time new in the market, the eGo pen and atomiser with E liquid.

Working on product packaging design and web design. kaveman became more familiar with Nicotine Delivery Systems and worked closely over the years with various companies in the industry. As time moved on more and more products were released along with a new market in E Liquid where flavours and profiles were becoming more and more extravagant.

Fast forward again to April 2016 and the kaveman brand was born. He spent many evenings creating different flavours for personal use. I suppose kaveman’s love for food and cooking meant he was on the search for self created flavours that really popped. After trying many different brands he could not seem to find something that he liked and ultimately help him quit cigarettes.

In June 2016, kaveman launched 6 flavours in 30ml and 100ml bottles in 3mg.  Surprisingly in a very short time the kaveman product range became a great success. More and more vapers were trying the products and surely word spread fast. Within 6 months kaveman had the following on social media which grew the business even faster and bigger. Sponsoring facebook groups with over 20k members meant kaveman was being noticed by all.

May 2017 - kaveman juice is launched to the world!


In April 2017, kaveman had a small revamp and re brand and in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ sort of scenario. He was able to bring on investors to take kaveman juice to a whole new level in both product and market penetration.

In May 2017, kaveman launched the 10ml TPD range ready for the new TPD regulations and along with 7 flavours in the TPD range, kaveman also launched 10 flavours in 60ml Shortfill Zero Nicotine, a 10ml TPD compliant Nicotine Shot AND 20 30ml oneshot concentrates all created by kaveman himself.

The Vaper Expo at NEC Birmingham was the dream come true for the kaveman team. We finally had our products infront of 1000’s of vapers who could tell kaveman’s products were not your run of the mill E Liquids. kaveman does not and will never clone a popular recipe just for sales. We are passionate about our work and spend months researching flavour concentrate brands and products to develop the very best flavours we can.

With TPD regulations around the corner, kaveman developed 7 mouth popping flavours in 10ml TPD as a 3 x 10ml multipack.

We also launched 10 flavours in 60ml Shortfills in Zero Nicotine with our very own 10ml TPD Compliant Nicotine shot called the ‘NIXX Shot’ The combination of both brings vaper’s a flavour packed juice with the smoothest Nicotine experience imaginable.

The present...

Since the Expo launch, kaveman juice has grown to become a flourishing well known E Liquid and Vape product manufacturer, distributor and retailer. We are stocked in 100’s of vape stores around the country and world! Our products can be found in Europe, USA and Asia with our partners growing each day.

Our aim is to have kaveman juice products available to all vaper’s regardless of where they may be and this is where you come in. We would love to have you join the kaveman team and experience fantastic sales, return sales and become a part of  the kaveman family for many years to come. Our products will ensure you ROI of up to 67% knowing every product is of the highest quality possible.

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